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Welcome to DJBENNETT, the world of sporting luxury--offering a collection of the finest sports apparel and gear for the serious globetrotting athlete.

Imagine you're immersed in the sporting lifestyle. You ride horses and bicycles. You surf, ski and hit the links on a regular basis. And whether it's warm or cold where you are, whether you live in Mustique or Gulfstream to Banff, you are never without your running shoes or swimsuit. Imagine one impeccable e-world where you can buy everything you could possibly need or desire to excel at those activities, where you can acquire the highest quality and timeless style you deserve. Imagine, too, that in this same place you can tap the insights of an advisory board of professional athletes and sports masters, or get pointers about personal style, or learn a new putting technique that shaves strokes off your short game.

We've not only imagined this world; we've built it. Our customers are accomplished, affluent men and women who are style-seekers and passionately active. They travel to the ends of the Earth for their sports, whether it's to surf the massive waves off the coast of Kona or ski the glacial slopes of Salzburg.

DJBENNETT customers are not only sporting all over the world; they're living there too. They're multicultural and globally savvy. DJBENNETT embraces and serves the ultra-active, whether it's in or on the water; in a studio; on a court, course, trail or field; up or down a mountain; or on the open road. We scour the globe to discover the finest sports apparel and gear, offering a meticulously curated selection of performance-enhancing, high-end sportswear and equipment for more than 20 sports.

Our luxury sports apparel and sporting goods offerings include: